Student progress will be made known to you on a weekly basis through homework packets.  Your son's/daughter's graded work will be sent home weekly for your viewing.  Please return the portion of the packet that signifies you have seen your child's work. 


         Student progress will be assessed and reported through the use of standards-based report cards.  With standards-based report cards, the focus is on what students know and can do.  Through standards-based reporting, you will see what needs to be learned and how your child is progressing toward those learning targets or standards.


         Standards-based report cards show how well a student is doing in relation to the grade level standards.  In other words, standards-based report cards are based on actual skills and the concepts a student has mastered or is in the process of mastering. 


         Your child’s progress will be reported utilizing a 1-4 scale on the standards-based report cards:


1       Below, making limited progress toward end of year grade level standards.

2      Approaching end of year grade level standards.

3      Meeting end of year grade level standards.

4      Exceeding end of year grade level standards.


         Grades will be based on evidence of student learning which could include tests, quizzes, class work, projects, teacher observation, writing samples, etc.  Your child will be evaluated based on his or her progress toward “end of year” standards.  In addition to the number scale (1-4), you may see an “X”.  An “X” simply means that the standard has not been introduced in class yet.


The grades on the new report card are not an average and cannot be compared to traditional letter grades (ie.  a “4” is not an “A”).