Homework Policy 2018/2019

Homework Policy

Homework is the responsibility of the child and, therefore, should be turned in on the day it is due. Students are responsible for handing in assignments that are neat, accurate, and on time. Partial credit will be given for any late work received after the due date. All students have received a student planner and will be given additional time, at day’s end, to write down their homework for that day. If your child is absent, he/she will need to check the class assignment notebook on the day he/she returns to school. The class assignment notebook is kept on the table by the window so, on any given day, a student can copy down assignments that he or she has missed due to an absence. A homework survey will be sent home once per trimester. This survey will assist me in evaluating and adjusting, as necessary, student workload. Please feel free to check our class website to find a daily posting of assigned homework and this homework policy.


If your child is absent, he/she will be given 2 extra days to complete assignments. In the case of a prolonged absence, you or your child may conference with me concerning the time needed to finish any make-up work.

Important Due Dates

Heritage Reports: October 8-December 14
Newbery Honor Book Report: January 11, 2019
Biography: March 8, 2019

State Scrapbook Checkpoints:

Note Cards: March 22, 2019
Map and License Plate: April 5, 2019
State History, Customs: April 23, 2019
Famous Residents, Points of Interest: May 6, 2019
Completed Scrapbook: May 20, 2019 (No slides)
Oral Reports: May 20 - May 31

If at any time you are concerned about your child’s school work, please notify me at school with a note or a phone call, so we can work out the problem.