The following school supplies must be ready the first day of school.


               12 erasable blue or black pens

               12 red pens for correcting 

               12 #2 pencils  

               1 large pink eraser 

               1 pair scissors 

               1 box crayons (16 count or greater) 

               1 transparent ruler with holes that can be clamped to binder (12”) 

               Crayola Markers (thick and thin sets) 

               1 3-ring binder for all homeroom subjects (1.5 or 2 inch rings) 
Note:  Very large binders will not fit in their desks 

               Binder paper - loose leaf, 3-hole 8-1/2" x11", or 8-1/2" x 10" college rule, (200 count or greater)

               1 set of dividers for binders

               2 glue sticks 

               Calculator with square root function 
Note:  Do not buy an expensive one 

               Zippered pouch for pens and pencils (no boxes, purses, etc) 

               1 set compass and protractor 

               2 spiral notebooks 

               3 3x5 index cards (pack of 100 each or 300 cards minimum) 

               2 highlighters  

               1 pocket folder for Spanish 

               1 pocket folder for music 

               1 Graph ruled composition book (100 sheets) 9-3/4” x 7-1/2” (science)


In addition to the above, please bring the following items to class on the first day of 


               During Covid-19, there will be no shared boxes of tissues. Students would need a pocket size tissue packet for personal use.

               1 rosary in case 

               2 Clorox wipes