Distance Learning

For the 2022/2023 school year, the entire class is on-campus. Should the class need to quarantine due to a Covid-19 exposure, class will be held via Zoom. For security reasons, students will be required to wait in the waiting room till accepted into the meeting.

I will only allow registered students into the classroom.

Mrs. Miller's Zoom Rules:

* Dress to impress (Take a look in the mirror). Wear your proper school uniform at all times and follow all school uniform guidelines.

* Speak to the Camera – Don’t look at yourself. Position the web camera and monitor at eye level.

* Maintain a clean, work appropriate, and neutral background- No special lighting and/or themed backgrounds (like space) will be allowed.

* Never change your background during Zoom sessions.

* Do not change your profile picture.

* Focus on the speakers.

* Light the front of your head, not the back.

* Shut out distractions (dog, cat, guinea pig, little brother, etc.)

* Work in a quiet space and have all your class materials set in front of you before the class begins.

* Raise your hand and request to be dismissed for bathroom breaks etc.

* Maintain a good learning posture. No lounging on a bed, couch, floor, etc.

* Think about your actions on camera (yawning, stretching, etc.- Everyone can

see you!)

* Mute your microphone when you are not speaking. This will cut down on ambient feedback.

* Close social networks, messaging applications and anything that might pop up or flash during the meeting.